Christian Life ...

Christian Life ...
Christian life is meant to be a life of bearing much fruit. What does that look like? How do we get there? This blog will record thoughts and meditations about living a life striving to be a fruitful branch.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Strange Fruit

 ofJerusalem there is 
 a hill of StoneAsDry 
 AsDeath. ThePlace of
 the Skull, Golgotha. 
2000 Years Ago, aMan
was scourged  beyond
recognition. Mocked&
spat on, betrayed by
thoseHeLoved. He was
bent under  the back
breaking weight of a
TheBrutalRomanCrossOfShame. OnTheRoad, TheViaDolorosa aManNamed
Simon stood,a bystander,passing by for passover, toRe-turn home
to Cyrene."You!" a Centurion said. "Help him!" TheCursed manHad
Fallen and lay in thePulp of HisOwn Flesh. SimonObeyed & Helped
TheMan toHisFeet. Side by side they Marched,dripping inTheBlood
ofTheCursed. His piercingEyes Drilled into Simons soul with the
tender gentleness O
a lamb.  Such Grace,
so silent: He wasNot
climbed to WhereThey
laidHim down UponThe
brutalBeams of wood.
TheyNailed HisWrists
& Ankles to the tree
of terror and death.
KingOfTheJews, aSign
& aThornyCrownPlaced
shredded  flesh upon
rough wood, HeFought
to take each breath.
be dulled. To God he
cried, theForsaken 1
and thereHe breathed
hisLast. StabbedWith
sword, heBledTheThin
blood ofDeath,juiced
Him. Three Days pass
& hisGloryCameWhenHe
wasRaised fromDeath.
Like a seed He burst
forth withLife. What
a wonder to see this
Instrument of death,
twisted to the light
of life. aRuggedTree
on aDry hill ofDeath

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